Veritas vincit  
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"Every self-respecting writer
of any significance is a saboteur..."
- Andrei Sinyavsky from "Kontinent"

At Penniless Press we want something that the modern world is sorely lacking: The Truth. We believe that the intellects of most people are already inundated and degraded to death by perfect plots and happy endings crafted by the bored bourgeoisie along with empty tales of conjured woe, fake feeling, impotent joy and contrived love. We are drowned in the drivel of those writers who pick up their pens and write "not of the Heart but of the glands," or at least with dollar signs lighting up in their already corrupted minds. Does this mean that Penniless Press is only in the market for works of Investigative Journalism, Non-Fiction and Biographies? No. We are all for Truthful Fiction and Honest Poetry. The situations that you expose in your works might not be true to life, but the feelings that drove you to portray them cannot be shallow. That is why we are the Penniless Press. We are motivated not by money, but by the Heart. We don't write because we want fame, we write because we have to. We hope to attract writers who feel the same way.

If you still don't know what we're talking about, why not read the following:

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Stockholm, Sweden
December 10, 1950

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