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Added July 15: New poetry from Louie Crew, Camille Osborne, and Megan Mercado.

The following is a random selection of some of the great poems we have recieved...

Blue Light
By Camille Osborne

The heavy wet sponge
of my tongue
licks the sugar
off my scars
Tiny worms live
in the lining of my skin
I hear them panting, chattering
I line the litter tray with their lies

Eking Out a Living
By Sheila O'Brien

I’ve got it together.
I’ve got one bedroom .
One roof below the sky.
A coffee maker, cigarettes,
that life gleam in my eye:
forks and spoons and knives.

I listen to the new music on Saturday night.

I am falling apart.
I am one bedroom.
One bed at night to sleep in,
seldom ever accompanied.
Two blue sheets to the wind:
cases and covers and ties.

I work to keep myself from going dry.

I’ve got it all right here.
Gin and tonic and beer.
Dope to keep me flying high.
A vague memory of you and I.
Casual sex on Monday nights.
Legs and arms and eyes.









Ryan Bird

Ryan Bird

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Elizabeth Burkhead

Louie Crew

j. fisher

Murphy Harrington

John M. Kehoe

Christian McPherson

Megan Mercado

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Sheila O'Brien

Henry Olirin

Camille Osborne

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