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Shipley Sails

Shipley Sails is the pseudonym of an unfamous writer and famously failed bureaucrat.

Insecure mirror

The figure: oblong
and elite
eyes intently
obscurely viewing
double exposures
in the full-length
the border of her
body into
a shoreline

I, like all men,
become a
transitory wave
speeding towards
leaving cryfull
to evaporate
into the oblivion
of her
loose bonds

but in this way she
becomes perfectly
lonely and insecure
and impossibly happy
in her post-modern


Love shorn between breasts

She is but a bust of carved skin
   sailing upon billows of bright
       strawberry scented bubblebath

her base begins with mouthpieces:
   two bulging protuberances
      (tongues!) burnt red with heat
         reaching out
for my cool lips    for my frozen tongue

but beyond these the bulbous mounds mount
    broken into pleasure’s supple crucible
(the only place emptiness is allowed to bloom)

       it is there
    that parts
of me melt into metal
    beads  of  mercury
that will never cool into dust

This side Swann

I could never temper with
Botticelli or Bellini
the way old Swann could:

reflecting all the loveliest
girls into them
melting flesh into oil
comparing dewy tenderness
with Renoiresque brilliance
stroking quivering hairs
as patiently as a painter
gives them feminine forms

then he ends up fucking all the girls
that I wanted too desperately to fuck

Once, Swann
replaced my father’s lips
upon my mother’s brow
burning years from my youth
and disfiguring my manhood
with his limbering lewdness
and laissez-faire doctrine of love!

Now we share a common daughter
lovelier than Manet’s Olympia
born from his seed my seed
interrupts her growth
we are a family of whores
faithfully loving each touch
of cold cold skin


















©2006 Penniless Press