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Felino Soriano

Felino Soriano lives in California and is employed as a behavioral assistant.  He counsels, cares for and learns from developmentally disabled adults.  Current poetry can be viewed at Pen Himalaya, A Little Poetry, Megaera, Ygdrasil, The Sidewalk's End, and others.  He loves classic jazz.

City Tableau #4

 She with black netted hair,
adorning the pole of a flimsy physique,
carrying two white plastic bags
of Mexican bread.  Her lanky shadow
folded from swollen hands of daytime’s
interpretative flying handouts.
Two shoeless boys race into
her shadow, adding vulgarity
into its silvery shape of straightness—
yank into thievery
two bags of Mexican bread,
breaking the chain of hand-plastic bag.
Warp becomes their distant backs,
her steps unwind into halt, into
the pensive sitting of the single
who must float home
revising the halo around her
netted head into describing
another night of gurgling
conversations between children’s
starving stomachs. 

City Tableau #5

 A young girl with pink chalk
draws an exhausting image
of her future face atop a busy
corner.  Black birds join her,
pecking at specks of discarded
wheat bread.  Soon, myriad
of onlookers stand in ovals,
awe-shaped mouths express
their reflections.
Young girl, one scant piece
of pink chalk has drawn a treacherous
image, face atop sully street-based,
self-mirroring surroundings,
symphony of swinging swords entitled:

City Tableau #6

 Night now squatting into
deep gray lines of wrinkled
faces.  Two positioned bodies,
beneath the hoarder of debris:
green bench, vocalize in twisting,
meshing, braiding conversation.
Syllables dive into rhythmic
exhalation, nonsense in “musical”
formations reverberate from car
trunks, youth wear
                               faces of testimonial fervor
across overweight t-shirts
whose mission
                         to outweigh intellect
with stupidity
succeeds.  Moments with wielding birds,
carving delight across grayish boredom, garish
flame erupts, fascinating.



















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