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Submission Guidlines

All submissions will be subject to judgment by our editorial staff. If your work is chosen you will be notified by email. Copyright will remain with the artist. Note that some of the pieces submitted on the website will be chosen for inclusion in the printed edition of Confrontation. Please be patient as this is a time consuming endeavour. Thank you.

Note: Only previously unpublished material wanted. To increase your chance of being published it is highly recommended that you look at the website first, especially the manifesto, to know what we are about. Please try and limit any fancy formatting of your piece(s). Also, remember to include a brief bio of yourself with your submission. If you are published on our site all rights will remain with you (but if you publish the work elsewhere we ask that you mention its original publication with Penniless Press).

Please note that due to the amount of submissions we recieve we will only reply to those that are accepted.

French submissions welcomed!

For Poems:
- Max 4 poems per submission
- Poems no longer than 45 lines

For Essays and Reviews:
- Any subject welcomed
(but preferably something challenging and new)
- limit to 500 words

For Fiction and (creative) Non-Fiction:
- Again, any subject welcomed
(but preferably something challenging and new)
- limit to 1500 words

For Art:
- Please only one submission per month
- limit to 1 jpg or gif file at a time please

Please send all submissions to:

or by snail mail to:

Penniless Press
6427 St-Louis Dr.
Ottawa, ON, K1C 2X9

"The literary language is a breakaway from language; it is the
language of frank statements that would make ordinary people ashamed
or horrified, the language of direct confrontation with reality on
ultimate issues." - Abram Tertz (Andrei Sinyavsky) from "Kontinent"


















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